PV Solarsys panel PP 2XX-3BB

We complete the series of polycrystalline panels by panel PP 2XX-3BB. This panel fulfils high quality level and long-term reliability and life cycle. Chosen type of construction and glass takes into consideration all requirements on mechanical resistance in our climate zone. We offer these panels in power grade from 215 to 245Wp with positive power sorting. We ensure 10 years product warranty and 30 years performance warranty (90% till to 12 years and 80% till to 30 years).

pdf icon Datasheet PV Solarsys panel PP 2XX-3BB

Whole power series of polycrystalline panels PP 2XX-3BB produced by company PV Solarsys, s.r.o. is supported by certificates.

Product certificate (TUV) IEC 61215:2005/EN 61215:2005
Product certificate (TUV) IEC 61730-1:2004/EN 61730-1:2007, IEC 61730-2:2004/EN 61730-2:2007
PV Solarsys panel PP 2XX-3BB